"Mi jardín es mi más bella obra de arte"

Claude Monet

The Pop Up Garden At the Westin Palace

The Pop Up Garden At the Westin Palace by Monamour Natural Design

"THE POP-UP GARDEN", ​​title of the ephemeral space, it is an unprecedented creation of Claudia Bonollo (Head designer and architect of Monamour Natural Design, a study of Indoor landscape design and a pioneer in the creation of creative vertical gardens with natural preserved plants ) that transforms the lobby of the Westin Palace hotel in Madrid.

Project Name: The Pop up Garden at The Westin Palace by Monamour Natural Design


Location:  ephemeral Project
Area: Madrid
Completion Date: 2014
Indoor Landscape Design: Claudia Bonollo
Photographer: Philippe Imbault
Patronage and under the auspices of:
Client: Westin Palace/ Madrid


In 2014 we have been invited to interpret and exhibit our own version of “summer terrace” for the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, a flexible and ephemeral installation – The Pop up Garden by monamour natural design - opened in summer during three months.

The source of inspiration has been the mythical garden of Alcinous, much celebrated in Homer's Odyssey. A metaphorical place that escaped the rules of nature and time, representing the dream of an "eternal spring", one of the wishes and hopes most intense of the humanity. It was not a mere decorative space but a genuine metaphysical garden where the evocation of beauty and harmony invited to an active contemplation that led to a deep state of wellbeing.

In our proposal we created a contemporary metaphysical garden, an ideal place for relax and contemplation where some natural and organic elements (flowers, leaves, mosses preserved) which represents the "eternal spring", combines with the latest research on digital printing, in a warm start scene that stimulates the senses and the imagination.

The Pop up Garden also represents our tribute to Nature and the human being, the light boxes with flowers are another versión of cartographies of being that we always introduce in our projects: body cells in the act of blooming.

In the Pop up Garden were present (from left to right): “The Organic Archipelago” (a creative vertical garden made of organic forms), “The Garden of Earthly Delights” (another creative vertical garden), “The Pixel Garden” (a vegetal cloud made of soft moss coloured pixel), The Organic Planetarium (diferent methacrylate spheres with vegetable worlds inside)

The Vegetal Light boxes (Cartographies of Being) , “The Literary Garden” (a vertical garden with a Claude Monet’s phrase made from mirrors), The Flower Power ( a vetetal Light Box with flowers), and so on...

This Project won the second place in the prestigious International Competition PIDA-landscape.


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