"Mi jardín es mi más bella obra de arte"

Claude Monet

La Catedral Vegetal

The Green Cathedral by Monamour Natural Design

Location:  ephemeral Project for the XX Casa Decor anniversary
Area: Madrid
Completion Date: 2012
Landscape Design: Claudia Bonollo
Photographer: Philippe Imbault
Patronage and under the auspices of: “L’émoi du design”, Institute français, Central del diseño Dimad


English introduction and design concept of each project (no less than 300 words).

The Green Cathedral by Monamour Natural Design

The Green Cathedral is a tribute to Nature

When we are chosen to create the new auditorium in the XX Edition of Casa Decor, we decided to take the chance on following a dream: create an ephemeral but multisensorial organic architecture. It had to attempt to recalibrate the senses and reconsider time. It had to celebrate the joy of the natural life. It had to be open to everyone.

The Green Cathedral was a place, a series of places, a philosophy, a feeling, a mind-set, a movement, a contemplative space. During the period of The International Fair, the Green cathedral has become a location for conferences, workshops and seminars, presentations and meetings of all kinds. Thanks to the collaboration with the architect and artist Claudia Bonollo, Monamour Natural Design has created an exclusive research brand that embodies natural and organic elements with an almost endless array of combinations.

These experimentations are meant to innovate the use of the “green” and its languages, exploring the limits of the materials in use. The Green Cathedral also represents a tribute to the human being: in the rose windows for example Claudia Bonollo created 7 semi-transparent digital images which were cartographies of human being: body cells in the act of blooming.

Monamour Natural Design has always had a keen interest in research and innovation; each project becomes a unique piece which combines art, design and architecture with nature. “Green” is not only a mere decorative element for Indoor landscapes but it’s turned into a multipurpose organic installation that can be adapted to different and various functions, for the joy of our prospective customers.



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